North Brandon Ridge
 NBR Board Members
John Lipscomb President
Andrew Henderson Vice President
Outsourced Treasurer
Lynn Dickerson Secretary
Mark Henderson Architectural Review
Michael Creager Auditor
     Vacant Maintenance
Donna P. Smith Landscape


  • Rankin County Sheriff's Dept.
  • Animal Control

​Please note that North Brandon Estates is divided into two distinct Homeowners Associations.

North Brandon Ridge (NBR HOA) is the front part of the subdivision and includes Ashley Park. North Brandon Ridge owns North Ridge Lake and North Ridge Park and they are maintained by our membership.

North Brandon Shores (NBS HOA) is located at the back of the subdivision and begins close to where Easterly Drive and Westerly Drive meet North Brandon BLVD. There is a lake and clubhouse in North Brandon Shores that are owned and maintained by their membership.

Both of our Associations work together on matters involving the entrance to our subdivision and other issues as they arise. At this time, use of the common areas for each Association is confined to the membership of each Association.

It is our commitment to our Association members to work together in our endeavors to enhance our neighborhood to make it the best it can be. In order to do this, we ask that the members of both Associations work together in sharing information and keeping our neighborhood safe, clean and appealing.

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